Thursday, June 28, 2012

Joey Talks to Mr. God

Joey (Approaches Mr. God 's office and knocks. An angel opens the door.): Hello! I am Joey. I would like to see Mr. God, but I’m not sure if l may because have no appointment with him.

Angel: That’s all right. Mr. God will see anyone anytime. Please come in. . .
Joey: You know, I’ve heard from my barkada that this guy called God is supposed to be really something; I guess he is a busy man. Will he have time to see someone like me?
Angel: He sees everyone no matter what his age or color is. You can see him anytime you wish.
Joey: Can I see him now? I
Angel: Go right in.

Joey (hesitates and then walks on. slowly): Hmm! Hmm! Excuse me, Mr. God My name   is Joey. I wonder if I can see you for a few minutes?

Mr. God: Sure, my son. I’ve got all the time for you.
Joey: Well, it is like this. You know, I’m in third year high school.
I really think it is a hard year. The pressure of work has brought me here. My barkada told me about you. I want to find out why they speak so highly of you.
Mr. God: Go on, son. State what is on your mind.
Joey: Well, to start with, my barkada is really important to me and I think we are getting along fine. But I car1’t seem to understand my barkada. Please don’t get me wrong. I really value them. But when I look at their situation, I think they have not been very lucky. For example; Carlo-his Dad is an alcoholic. And my other friends parents are separated. Well, my sister, Via, and I think our parents are okay and we have nothing to complain about. However, in spite of their worries, hurts, and pains, my barkada and other people who talk about you a lot seem to think life is still worth living and there is some purpose for life on earth. That’s why I am here. Mr. God, I just thought you could explain a few things for me. I feel a little confused and a little lost.
Mr. God: My price is high, Joey.
Joey: That's okay. I can ask my parents for an advance on my school allowance. How much is it?         
Mr. God: All of it.
Joey: .All of it?
Mr. God: Yes, all - everything.
Joey: Mr. God! Don’t you think you are asking too much? What do you need money for? Aren’t you a little greedy? I thought you were rich. Can’t I pay in installments?
Mr. God: Joey, Joey, my dear son. Actually, I also spent a lot to get where I am. I sacrificed much. Ask my son Jesus.
Joey: Well, I need time to think it over. I can’t just give up my entire allowance right now what will I spend on my weekends, the afternoons at our hangout, and all my other fun activities? At my age it is a little too soon to be too serious. After all, they say when you are young you can afford to be a little foolish. Besides, I think I can get a substitute at a much cheaper price.
Mr. God: Be careful, Joey. The price may seem cheaper but it may be more expensive in the end.
 --Adapted from “Tom Meets God"
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